Vision & Mission

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To create an enlightened society in which senior citizens feel secure, confident and valued, and can live with dignity.

Our Mission

We are committed to changing the way people look at ageing in India. We enable senior citizens to lead active lives through easy access to trusted information, opportunities for productive ageing and social support services.

Our Goals

The goals of the Foundation are twofold.

  • 1
  • To rid the minds of the senior citizens of the fear that age means decline and retirement means loneliness, isolation, loss of prestige and so on. The Foundation works assiduously to re-instil in the elderly minds the confidence that age and productivity are not mutually exclusive. It does this by utilising their experience and maturity in activities that serve the needs of the community.

  • 2
  • The other goal is achieved by attending to the needs of the elderly whose social support systems have weakened or are non-existent.

Our Values

There are certain values implicit in the philosophy and practices at Dignity Foundation. The values are :


We believe in serving all senior citizens equally without any discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, and socio-economic status.


We strive to make everything as simple as possible for those we serve.

Positive Thinking

We are guided by our optimistic view of the world and the power of positive thinking. Anything is possible because we believe so.


We have an unshaken confidence in our own abilities to overcome all challenges.


We will never give up because that is the easiest thing to do. We are relentless and tireless in our pursuits.