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Volunteers Speak

  Since I joined as volunteer in 1998, I could pull on my life up to 76 years. I feel very active and I have a very busy life at Dignity. I enjoy the various activities and Dignity Foundation and it has made my life very interesting.
- Abdul Latif Sheikh
  “I had joined Dignity Foundation as a member and volunteer after I retired. I am a person who believes in giving back to the society. I have enjoyed my time at Dignity. The time spent at Chai Masti has been enjoyable. In all I have enjoyed my work at Dignity Foundation."
- Sabar Jilla, Mumbai
  "After my Retirement from Central Govt. Service, and since the day one of becoming a Dignity member and the Coordinator of VDFCC of Bangalore Chapter in 2010, I have been enjoying every moment in this wonderful organisation for the 50 + citizens. I have realised that here is a platform for all like-minded elders to come together to eagerly share their knowledge and experience with others and to create awareness for day to day living in a dignified style and productive ageing. They can set an example for others in caring for each other. In this process, I have become enriched in terms of Knowledge, Caring, Understanding, Organising, Sharing, and acquiring more talented friends every day. DF can definitely make an impact on the Elders after retirement."
- Nagaraj SR, Bengaluru
  “I feel lucky to be associated with Dignity as it gives me an opportunity to impact lives through my vocation. This organization injects new hope in senior citizens and provides a platform for them to open up, stay motivated and live with dignity.”
- Mr. C. R. Luniya, CA