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Event Sponsorships

Dignity Foundation conducts 3-4 large events in a year specifically for senior citizens. Dignity also conducts other events to bring visibility to the cause of senior citizens or to provide some healthcare benefits to senior citizens. Events form an integral part of Dignity as it enables us to create awareness on the situation of senior citizens and simultaneously provide emotional support to many senior citizens.

These events focus on specific issues or aspects for senior citizens. Your support is crucial to bring about social change in the lives of senior citizens. By sponsoring a Dignity event, you not only ensure that your brand or organisation reaches out to a wide range of people, but also show that you care for this large section of society which is struggling to be heard.

To know more about the work we do along in our Events and Campaigns write to responsedignity@dignityfoundation.com.

If you would like to donate, please write to us at responsedignity@dignityfoundation.com