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Delhi Chapter

DIGNITY FOUNDATION opened its Delhi NCR Chapter on July 29, 2017 as the sixth in the line of city chapters providing services to the urban elderly.

Says Founder President Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan: "The felt needs of the elderly range over a large continuum – starting from loneliness, elder abuse, decline in physical health, lack of friendly support and assistance, quickly depleting finances and lack of new avenues of income and the like. Thus Elders face a number of Insecurities – Financial, Emotional, Health related, social and literally a spiritual vacuum. Dignity Foundation was set up in 1995 to enable senior citizen get rid of these insecurities and lead a life of dignity, security, fulfillment and filled with joy." This mission is being accomplished in six cities and from 29th July the sixth city chapter is being added.

Shri Vijai Kapoor, former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi delivered the Inaugural address at the PHD Chamber of Commerce.

In the NCR we will offer the following services:

  •  Helpline assistance to rescue elders in abused circumstances
  •  Provide legal, financial, psycho social counselling
  •  Magazine Dignity Dialogue – now running its 22nd year of
  •  Donor Membership to run the Ration Programme to poor
  •  And in October 2017 to start our first Chai masti Centre

Special Guests who spoke included:

  •  Mr Raghu Mody, Chairman, Rasoi Group
  •  Mr Mathew Cherian, CEO Helpage India
  •  Mrs. Kiran Modi, Trustee, Udayan Centre
  •  Rita Ratnam, Trustee, Sevika Education Society

NCR has its own Dignity Advisory Council under the Chief Dignitarianship of Mrs. Sushmita Chakravarti.

Other members are:

  •  Col Prakash Tewari
  •  Kaveri Dutt
  •  Vijay Pahwa
  •  Prabir Bhambal
  •  Surya Sethi

Children from Udayan Centre performed dance.

FOR ENQUIRIES: Dr Vartika Singh, 011-23320505; 23320506

  • Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan, Mrs Rita Ratnam, Mrs Kiran Modi, Lt. Governor Vijai Kapoor, Mr Raghu Mody, and Mr Mathew Cherian
  • Members of Delhi Advisory Council taking the oath: From left to right Sushmita Chakravarti, Vijay Pahwa, Prabir Bhambal and Kaveri Dutt
    Trustee Sheilu Sreenivasan reading the oath; Gopal Srinivasan anointing the members with Dignity Foundation brass Pin
  • Rabindra Sangeet by Sushmita Chakravarti and Aditi
  • Boys from Udayan Care dancing
Delhi Chapter