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The objective of this service is to extend a social support system to the senior citizens. Due to extensive migration by young people to other cities and countries, senior citizens are left alone. The feel bored, lonely, depressed etc. Even when the senior citizens live with their children this problem could arise as everyone is busy with their work and social circle, thus leaving the elders feeling neglected and lost.

The only help that they would like is for someone to give them company, go out for a walk with them, accompany them or share their interests. When the Social Workers receives a call for companionship or assesses a need for it, a Dignity volunteers living in the vicinity is roped in to visit the lonely senior citizen. The volunteers are themselves senior citizens and hence are able to establish a good rapport with the person.

The volunteers through their regular interaction with the senior citizen and their families help to first identify the areas where changes can be made to eliminate their loneliness. The volunteer’s help revolves around :

Identifying the old and defunct network of the senior citizen with a view to revive it

Understanding underlying issues if any

Guiding with suggestions for a problem

Generally being a support

Involving the senior citizen in meaningful activities

Enriching their lives in a number of ways

Helping to promote and cultivate interests

Encourage meeting with other people