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In light of the apocalyptic second wave of the pandemic and the plunging health crisis that it drives across India, Dignity Foundation steps up ahead with its relief efforts for Senior citizens across six cities of the country. Intensifying its response through ration, sanitation kits, it also facilitates COVID-19 vaccination to break the chain of transmission of the disease. We realise the immediate need to act and reach out to the hardest-hit ones more than ever. Its your support that stands utmost critical in this fight for survival. Please donate now !

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An exclusive program offering elders an enriching set of opportunities to lead a more dignified, secure and fulfilling life.

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A generous help from you can go a long way in bringing cheer and joy to the lives of elders.

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The helpline enables elders to reach out for help and assistance against any kind of abuse, neglect and isolation.

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What People Say

Latif "Since I joined as volunteer in 1998, I could pull on my life up to 76 years. I feel very active and I have a very busy life at Dignity. I enjoy the various activities at Dignity Foundation and it has made my life very interesting." - Abdul Latif Sheikh
CR_Luniya “I feel lucky to be associated with Dignity as it gives me an opportunity to impact lives through my vocation. This organization injects new hope in senior citizens and provides a platform for them to open up, stay motivated and live with dignity.” - Mr. C. R. Luniya, CA

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