Dignity Elysium for the 50+

Move over Nana-Nani parks, senior citizens will go Doolally over beer, chai and masti every Friday

In an attempt to shake off these notions, and rid the minds of senior citizens of the fear that retirement means decline, isolation and loss of prestige; Doolally in association with Dignity Foundation will be hosting a two-hour fun meet up every Friday, starting 25th May 2018, for stimulating talks over beer, chai, coffee & other tomfoolery.

Through these meet ups, we aim to keep the heart unwrinkled and triumph over old age. Creating an enlightened society where senior citizens feel secure, confident and valued, and can live with dignity is the main purpose of this. Lighthearted meet ups with fun activities and refreshments to get things started.

Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan explains​: "Normally any recreational activity gets jettisoned over health Talks, ​Bhajans and Yoga. But the value of the Buddhist concept of kalyana mitrata in older years superbly illustrates the need for camaraderie, companionship and mutual support, specially in the context of nuclear families of today. The value added Doolally sessions are aimed at a heightened sense of togetherness in the world of the lost and left-alone senior citizens of our megalopolis."

"Our aim is to make Doolally taprooms as useful to the community as possible. In the past, we have seen that seniors like spending time at our taprooms, participating in art workshops, winning at our weekly scrabble & chess tournaments. Some began conducting their own workshops - on science, gardening & travel. That's when we decided to reach out to Dignity Foundation to provide us with the expertise to conduct meaningful meet-ups for senior citizens in Mumbai."

The sessions will be conducted every Friday from 10 am to 12 noon at Doolally Taproom, Kemps Corner.

Where : Doolally Taproom, Kemp's Corner
When : Friday, 25th May, 10 am to 12 noon
Fee : Free

Register at or write to us at or or call 022-61381100 and we'll save you a spot.


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What People Say

Latif "Since I joined as volunteer in 1998, I could pull on my life up to 76 years. I feel very active and I have a very busy life at Dignity. I enjoy the various activities at Dignity Foundation and it has made my life very interesting." - Abdul Latif Sheikh
CR_Luniya “I feel lucky to be associated with Dignity as it gives me an opportunity to impact lives through my vocation. This organization injects new hope in senior citizens and provides a platform for them to open up, stay motivated and live with dignity.” - Mr. C. R. Luniya, CA

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